Loaves & Fishes Centers Provides Emergency Meals in Advance of Inclement Weather to Homebound Seniors

To ensure that all homebound seniors have sufficient meals during upcoming inclement weather, Loaves & Fishes Centers delivered a two-day supply of shelf-stable meals earlier this month to nearly 3,000 homebound seniors throughout Multnomah, Washington and Clark counties. Seniors received instructions to save these meals until they receive a call from their local Loaves & Fishes Center advising them to use these emergency supplies.

On days when weather is so severe that the majority of volunteer drivers cannot deliver meals, Loaves &Fishes Centers staff will phone all Meals-On-Wheels recipients to conduct a wellness check and to instruct seniors to consume one of their emergency meals. A cadre of pre-approved emergency weather drivers will be available to bring food to those seniors who are completely without food.

About Loaves & Fishes Centers: Since 1970 Loaves & Fishes Centers has provided a nutritional and social lifeline for seniors through 36 meal sites in Multnomah, Washington and Clark counties and Meals-On-Wheels delivery to homebound seniors. With the help of more than 9,500 volunteers, the nonprofit, secular organization now serves 5,000 meals daily and 1.2 million meals each year. Visit: www.feedseniors.org.